Best Cookware Sets Under $200

You work hard in the kitchen, so it makes sense that you’re looking for a high quality cookware set that will make the workload a little easier. After all, if you’re going to be making meals for the whole family, it only makes sense that you are going to want to have a cookware set that’s up to the task.

Dealing with a family budget, you’re used to skipping those high quality sets. But, now you have the option with each of these best cookware sets under $200 at your disposal.

Reliable and ready to serve

Calphalon-Nonstick-10-Piece-SetPun aside, this 10 piece Calphalon cookware set is ready to make your meals cook better and faster. Each set is made of high quality aluminum so that the heat stays constant and steady throughout the entire cooking process. All of the pieces have a double coating of non-stick surfaces, though many customers state that this coating comes off easily and leaves their food charred to the remains of the bottom, even when using the approved cookware and hand washing only. This seems to be the only fault in this Calphalon set, however.

Customer report that they are satisfied with the even cooking and that the tempered glass lids work well to speed up the process. With a metallic finish in a sleek color, both appearance and quality are professional. With a decent price tag, this is a great cookware set to consider for your cooking needs.

Perfect for starting off

Rachael-Ray-Cucina-12-Piece-Cookware-SetIf you’re looking for an all-inclusive cookware set to start your independent living off right, the Rachael Ray Cucina 12 piece cookware set is a great option. It is said to be great for the beginner cook, as it comes with all of the utensils you’d need, and all of the perfect sizes for getting the hang of cooking on your own. The red accents to the great cookware and a great touch. It brings a uniformity to the set, and also makes it a great option for those who don’t want their style to be too serious or formal starting off. They are lightweight and can be stored easily.

Customers report that the downfall of this well priced set is that it is definitely intended for beginners. Those who invested in the set as expert or professional cooks had trouble adjusting to the smaller size of the pots and pans, as well as the lightweight feel to them. This is definitely a great set for a beginner, or someone that needs a solid set of pots and pans to start with.

Professional and thorough

Cuisinart-66-14-Chefs-Classic-14-Piece-Cookware-SetWe all have heard of Cuisinart, and this 14 piece cookware set as glowing reviews from customers with all sorts of circumstances and lifestyles. If you are looking for a professional quality cookware set, this is the best option for those companies that you’ve known for years. It comes with all of the things that you would need, including a strainer of the best quality that you expect from Cuisinart.

Reviews state that it lives up to its name and that the non-stick coating does well when you follow the rules. The one downfall is that they heat up quickly and stay hot, meaning that many had to adjust their cooking to match this. A great cookware set to replace your old one, or start off with a fantastic one to begin with.

Even heating and well priced

Calphalon-Classic-Stainless-Steel-Cookware-SetWith all of the options of non-stick surfaces and brushed exteriors, it’s nice to see that this Calphalon 10 piece cookware set is stick with the basic stainless steel option. It leaves lots of room for differences in cooking and utensils. For the professional cook who grew up with stainless steel, this is a great replacement set that will work exactly the same way so there is no adjustment period required. This is a heavy weight set, so there is no worry of burning yourself or living with warped pans after a few months.

This is a set that you’ll never have to worry about replacing. Some customers report that the bottom of the pans and pots tarnished after a few uses, though others report that theirs have remained pristine after multiple years of using them. Cleaning and cooking methods seem to determine how the set holds up. This set seems to clean up very well and give customers a great experience over all. I guess sometimes classic is definitely the best way to go, right?

Flashy and comfortable

WearEver-C943SF-Pure-Living-Cookware-setFor the beginner looking to show off their kitchen in style, the WearEver 15 piece cookware set can give you all sorts of possibility. The best part about it is the bright color, giving you some room to spice up your kitchen. Equally as fantastic is the silicone, handles that allow you to move and shift the cookware as the need arises without harming yourself in the process. For the amateur looking to learn to cook the safe way, this is a huge plus.

Relatively unknown to the cooking world, customers are satisfied with the product. They are well made and will keep your food tasting and cooking well with the proper cleaning and heating rules being followed. While some reviewers found that the pots warped under high heat, other enthuse that the pots didn’t need high heat because they did the trick on the lower temperatures. This is a great set flashy set for the beginner and professional alike.


Style and color are two things that all of these sets have in common. Equally as important and common in the great quality of the sets. They are meant for all kinds of people and will please everyone that brings them into the home.

For the kitchen worker that is looking for a great quality set, these give you some of the best options out there that are all available for under $200. The choice then becomes which one to choose for your home and family, which is perhaps the hardest one of all.